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What problem we want to solve

If you are a programmer ,who have used ArcGIS Server WPF/Silverlight API to develop your own exciting geomatic express,maybe,you have found it’s a very very boling things to write a symbol by xaml without any usable design tools.And all the symbol could only be stored in distributed xaml file,without any valid management.

So, the work of symbol designing and re-using could be very difficult.

Our Object in this project

we wana solve the problem above,and fill the gap among symbol  using in code、symbol designing  and re-using ,which brought by the problem above.

How we do

So,we brought ArcGIS Server WPF/Silverlight API Symbol Editor based on xaml in the project ,which could make it easier for the designers and developers of arcgis server wpf/silverlight client to design 、manange and reuse layer symbols more effectively. You'll no longer have to design symbol only by writing xaml .

And,to make process of programing about symbol too smoothly,we integrated the SymbolEditor with visual stuido 2010,in which programe could open the SymbolEditor dialog by clicking the item on the right contextmenu in the  code document beyond to a  project(by now,we support C# and project).


It’s the the SymbolEditor  main window below,


in which we could edit the exsiting symbol in edit interface by clicking “Edit it” button,by now,the editor is only a protype realizing initial function,and we will give it more power later.see the  current UI below,


comment:in the editor dialog we could change the symbol by editing the xaml code in the multi-textbox,and preview the editing result by clicking ‘Preview’ button.

or auto reference the symbol in strong type form into your own code at the position of the cursor by clicking “Generate Strong Symbol”, like this 


comment:‘BasicFillSymbol’ in the code is the reference of symbol library;

             ‘BasicFillSymbol_Green_6’ is the reference of  the selected symbol.


And the strong type symbol is generated and been added into the project  automaticly,like below:


and the auto-generated code sample:



Now,we still want to improve this tools ,to give it more power to solve the problem around symbol in arcgis server wpf/silverlight api programming.So we need your suggestion and supporting,or

 join us ,innovate togather.


What will we do next

1、Add the support of symbol storage in database,and integrate it with xaml file format into a uniform object model;

2、Add the support of symbol search by keywords、directory、classification,and graphic sematic.

3、Give more power to symbol design dialog with auxiliary tool which could auto generate xaml code to the symbol in a visibability way;

4、Add the support of symbol design workflow,by which could help manager、symbol designer,and developer work togather more smoothly.



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